Casi Clinici


Fibromuscular dysplasia causing renal artery aneurysm and renovascular hypertension: a case report.

Solinas A, Cadoni R, Usai M, Frongia M.

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Primary obstructive megaureter in adults: management strategy in a young woman.

Solinas A, Pau A, Ayyoub M, Frongia M.

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Ablation of non functioning renal allograft by embolization: a valid alternative to graft nephrectomy?

Solinas A, De Giorgi F, Frongia M.

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Embolization of a hypoplastic kidney with a vaginal ectopic ureter in a case of pseudo-incontinence.

Solinas ADe Giorgi FFrongia M.


Department of Renal Pathology, Unit of Urology, San Michele Hospital, Cagliari, Italy.

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Caso Recidivo di corpo estraneo nel basso tratto urinario: Caso Report

di Mohammed Ayyoub

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