Department Of Urology, Renal Transplant and Robotic Surgery


The Department, which is part of the Hospital “G.Brotzu” of Cagliari is directed by Dr. Mauro Frongia and in this Division, we aim to find therapeutic responses for patients with diseases of the urogenital system.

A Department strongly oriented to technological innovation but also able, in line with the company’s mission, to provide effective answers to the assistance needs of our patients.

The Department is a referral center for Robotic Urological Surgery, which allows our specialists to intervene on prostate tumors, bladder tumors, kidneys and many other malformations of the urinary system.

Our Department  is active in the fields of Urologic Oncology, Kidney Stones,  Robotic Kidney Transpant (entirely  robotic technique for removal of living donor kidney and transplantation).

It’s also a regional referral center for prostate cancer because it has the most sophisticated technlogy for the treatment of this disease:

Hifu, Laser Green, Brachytherapy

 Robotic Kidney Transplant Surgery by Mauro Frongia (English)

The Way of the Kidney transplants – editing by Pierpaolo Fusciani
Our video “Transplanting Happiness”
Presentation of the first kidney robotic transplant Presentation of the first robotic living donor