The Department  of Urology,  Transplant and Robotic  Surgery has 24 beds.

In this Department  there are 11 medical specialists ,2 nursing coordinators , 30 nurses, 13 medical social workers .

The Department is  active  the fields of Urologic Oncology , Renal Calculus and Kidney Transplantation .

Every  year 2300 surgeries are performed with 5000 outpatient visits

The first kidney transplant was performed in 1988.

On 13 December 2012 we achieved a total of 800 kidney transplants .

It is a  reference center for Robotic  Urological Surgery which allows you to take action on tumors of the prostate , bladder , kidney.

To date we have performed more than 140 robotic prostatectomies , many radical nephrectomies and radical cystectomy .

On 5 May 2012 the first kidney removal from a living donor with the robot , ” da Vinci” , was performed and since then 5 operations have been carried out with the help  of the new procedure .

A kidney transplant, performed entirely with robotic technique , February 27 , 2013, marks the achievement of another milestone that makes Brotzu one of the few centers in the world where this type of procedure is performed.

Areas of clinical activity are:

1 ) brachytherapy and HIFU

M.D Massimo Usai

Reference for all modern therapies with future technology in the treatment of Prostate Cancer

2 ) Endourology

M.D Andrea Solinas

Reference to the diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures of urological diseases

3 ) Nephrology Urology

M.D Antoncarlo Pau

Reference for dysplastic diseases – cystic – minimally invasive biopsies and drainages of the kidney

4) Management of Urological Kidney Transplantation

M.D Giacinto Atzori

Reference for the management of minor surgical pathology in patients undergoing kidney transplantation

5 ) Follow-up of Renal Transplant

M.D Lisa Murru

Reference for periodic monitoring of patients undergoing kidney transplantation

6 ) Industry kidney

M.D  Mohammed Ayyoub

Management related to the activity of the treatment of urinary stones with shock waves (ESWL )

 7 ) Industry Urologic Robotic Surgery

M.D  Mauro Frongia

M.D.  Stefano Malloci

M.D  Rossano Cadoni

M.D.  Andrea Solinas

M.D  Antoncarlo Pau

M.D  Daniela Porcu

S. S. D. Urological Surgery Outpatient and Day Hospital ( 10th floor )


M.D  Sergio Lilliu

tel . 070 539415 – 070 539399

fax 070 539402Degenza Day Hospital and Day Surgery :

Simple structures :

Urodynamics : Responsible is dr . Gianfranco Bianco

Structure related to the management of neuro – urodynamic bladder valence multifactorial and multidisciplinary .

Oncology : M.D. Stefano Malloci

Structure related to the management of oncological diseases related to the Department