For medical examination is  necessary to book at the Central Reservations (CUP) to the number 070539680-480-450

                    Surgery Urology Posts interventions

She takes care of patients who have undergone surgery .

It takes place on Mondays from 8.00 to 14.00.

The contact persons are Dr. Antoncarlo Pau and Dr. Daniela Porcu .

Outpatient Oncology

It deals urologic oncology .

It takes place on Tuesdays from 8.30 to 14 .

The contact persons are Dr. Stephen Malloci and Dr. Andrea Solinas .

Ambulatory Urodynamics

It deals with the instability of the pelvic floor and perineal .

It takes place on Wednesdays from 8.30 till 14.00 .

Fridays are carried out urodynamic examinations .

The examination urodynamic studies the functions of the bladder and urethral sphincter and is indicated : in all patients with problems slewing of the bladder in which you want to obtain a precise diagnosis of the disorder in the case of urinary incontinence ( stress and urge ), especially in anticipation of an intervention urogynaecological in all patients who have neurologic abnormalities of bladder control . In these latter patients the examination is integrated with the lettromiografia pelvic floor

The contact person is Dr. Gianfranco Bianco , which evaluates whether there are indications for urodynamic examination ( invasive examination ) .

 Outpatient Renal Transplant

She takes care of transplant patients.

It takes place on Thursdays from 8.30 until 14.00 .

The contact persons are Dr. Lisa Murru and Dr. Hyacinth Atzori .

Surgery for Renal Calculus

It deals with the kidney

It takes place on Fridays from 8.30 am till 14.00 .

the contact person is Dr. Mohammed Ayyoub