Robotic Kidney Transplant Surgery

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Transplant Surgeon Mauro Frongia (Director of  Department of Urology and Kidney Transplantation and Robotic Surgery at  Ospedale Brotzu ,Cagliari , Sardinia – Italy) and his team performed a successful   robot assisted kidney transplant on March 28 , 2013 on an obese patient aged 37.after  being trained up in Chicago by prof. Enrico Benedetti ( Illinois University ,Chicago-Usa) to whom they are greatly indebted for his   invaluable help and advice.

Frongia has since performed four other  robot assisted  kidney transplants including a  Double-Kidney Transplant on a 65 year old patient with Karpinsky  score >3.
Since February 2011 with the first acquisition of a Da Vinci robot (4 SI- High Definition Version) , the Division of  Urologic Surgery has rapidly developed its robotic activity.

In order to promptly gain experience and reach efficiency , close contacts with.Prof  O. De Cobelli (European Institute of  Oncology ,Milan- Italy) ,Prof. J. Hubert ( Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nancy- France), prof. E . Benedetti ( IllinoisUniversity ,Chicago-Usa) have been established , including visits in Milan, Nancy and Chicago.

At present , besides transplant activity ,other robotic treatment modalities offered by the Centre include : Living Donor Nephrectomy , Radical Prostatectomy, Radical and Partial Nephrectomy , Radical Cystectomy,  Pyeloplasty, Ureteral Reimplantation (with or without removal of a segment of Ureter),  Retroperitoneal  fibrosis., Ureteral Lithiasis( Ureterolithotomy).